Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another MAC Hello Kitty experiment!


i managed to try romping eyeshadow, that is, the fuchsia shade in too dolly palette! I tried what the MAC crews did actually. And i added my new false eyelashes. They're gorgeous i swear! My friends all said they look really natural and gorgeous. That's why maybe u can't really see the difference with normal lashes. They're building lustrous eyelashes instantly, without damaging your eyelashes! And they're cheap too! (it depends where u buy them. if u buy Shu uemura's they're bloody expensive $42). I bought them in Faceshop for $5! Korean stores are beauty experts!

OK. for both one-third corners of the eye im using romping eyeshadow first, and in the middle of the eye apply yoghurt. For better result use it as a highlight as well.

OH well. I've never believed that wearing too much eyeshadow is better. But to tell you the truth a dramatic look on the top will never be complete without making a line on the bottom as well. It can be the same colour, or u can play with it a bit with another bright colour. Because it's only one single line it won't show much. MAC crews used too dolly eyeshadow under the eyes. I did that as well, combining it with romping on my outer half.

SEXY CAN I! haahaha.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Too dolly!

Hey guys~

I AM TERRIBLY INFURIATED by melb uni system. They change my timetable arbitrarily without my acknowledgement And both of my related tutors accuse me for changing the time myself. shit. Because of that matter i have to endure a super CONSIDERABLY late lecture at 4pm instead of 10am.

GOOD. i need a release for that.


Well i am feeling beautiful today so i bother doing the experiments. hahah.
I've been wondering how to use Too Dolly quad. The colours are incredibly showing off and bright. But can't help, I love them. They are just too gorgeously kitty and barbie. Especially too dolly colour. Im in love with that.

And these are all you need.Too Dolly quad, black eyeliner, white eyeliner, blusher, eyeshadow blender, Tippy blush on from MAC, black eyeshadow, white shimmery eyeshadow, and Fashion Mews glaze lipstick from MAC. Too simple!! hahaha.

Im not applying foundation for my everyday look okay. it'll clog your pores. but apply some if you want. Im just using light tinted moisturiser from Benefit and tap a bit of beige powder at the top of it.

OK. Step 1. If you guys have eyebags or dark circles under your eyes, apply concealer or eye brightener to cover them. You don't want your eyebags puffing like you've never slept for years. hahaha. Choose the correct one close to your skintone. Concealer is very basic need girls. You cant just ignore buying them. You can simply wearing it alone without any makeup and you still look fresh. just under the eye. and some to cover your pimples as well.

Step 2. for me it's applying the tinted moisturiser. You can replace it by wearing foundation or powder instead.

Step 3. apply eyeliners. apply black on the outer half under your eyes, and white for the other inner half. They produce bigger eyes. See the line under my eyes. should look like that.

Step 4. Using ur finger or small eyeshadow applicator u have, take a bit of Too dolly pallete (the blue one) and apply that to your whole eyelids. Only eyelids girls coz the colour's too bright. If you have small eyelids then you can blend it more upward.

Step 5. White eyeshadow. Apply that to the rest of ur whole upper eye area as a highlight(including the inner corner of your eyes), till you meet your eyebrows. The enhancement gives the sense of higher brow, clean, but still dramatic look.

Step 6. Black eyeshadow. Tap A BIT of it with the eyeshadow blender, and GENTLY tap it at the end of your eyelids. Don't apply too much otherwise you'll look scary and fierce and this is not smokey eye. Can blend a bit upward, outside the crease but remember, you only need a very small area for it ok.

They should look like this. Sorry if the colours do not look mixed properly. i tried to take the pic in the dark to help u see better.Step 7. The blush. Again, Tippy is quite bright, strong pink colour so don't tap too much on it. Use the blusher to blend it to your cheekbones. There are some rules to create shades for a skinnier look. I'll show you next time. For this time just blend it evenly.

Step 8. Apply the lipstick. hahaha.

See the dark and light shades on my cheek (above). If you apply it correctly, a blush on won't look clowny. They work best for chubby cheeks, as you can hardly define any bones there. hahaha :)

The reason why the colours don't look intense on me is because i don't have eyelids. Therefore im wearing eye tapes to make one. hahahahah.

P.S: I don't wear this kind of make up to school ok! don't tell me that i'm a bimbo. lol .
Oh well, if you don't have any problems with your lashes don't forget to put on your mascara! :)

Loving her look without eyelashes,

Saturday, March 21, 2009

May June for Indo? GIRLS BE PREPARED!!!

Dearest of the dearest-est.

BOUGHT MORE MORE MORE MORE. SHIT. I've spent more than $300 for this SUPER CUTE MAC HELLO KITTY. BOUGHT 3 more. 1 tippy blush on, 2 eyeshadow palletes: Too Dolly and Lucky Tom.


Each pallete has 4 shades. why did i end buying 2? the answer is because THEY ARE SPLENDORS. I realised that they are just a must buy. too high end. too kitty. Oh-my-God. Hard to choose one.

Too Dolly is people's favourite. Because the colors are dramatic and bold, no wonder it is categorized as hello kitty WILD. Consists of Yogurt (frosty pale pink), Romping (deep fuschia), Too Dolly(aqua blueish green) and Stately Black (glittery black). These shades match best with my tippy(pink)blush on. I'd probably wear them at parties. Those MAC crews are combining the fuschia with yogurt. They look fab. Or maybe coz whites are beautiful. (HAHA). I look cheap in fuschia, but i'd try another way to look good in that. next time.

Lucky tom
is typically classic, peachy, soft, and girlie. Asians with yellow skin tone look best in this, including me. Creme Royal(my fave! soft gold), Paradisco(peachy orange), Stylin'(blueish purple) and Lucky Tom(dark brown). If only my eyelashes grow faster i'd wear them everyday. They are really really statement. Combine Creme royal with Paradisco. They work for me.

HOWEVER. i need my Fun & Games(peach) beauty powder blush to go with lucky tom. It's in the picture guys. Sold out everywhere. SOLD OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Im crazy. Im sentimental. IM MAD. on thurs it were there at David Jones. I had no money. GOOD. the next day the pink blush on was standing alone. so i get that instead.
Don't get me wrong i also liked the pink colour. The MACperson said it'll suit me better than the peach one. BUT STILL. I need peach blush on. It's really natural. It's sweet! huhuhuhuhuhuuuuuuuu.

And these are how they look IN TOTAL. Those two palletes, powder blush, lipstick, and lipglass. (am i crazy? LOL) My friends' eyes popped as they see my MAC bag. Oh, and those 2 round shimmers are free samples. (see how those stingy crews softens as i bought so many of their products). They are also kitty's. Apply them after layers of eyeshadows to look glam.

And this is how my bathroom looks now. My everyday make up collection is the one which is out. ONLY. There are still bunches inside the tin and my vintage bag. hahahahahah. (proud.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Becks' shopaholic scene re-enacted.

I BOUGHT THEM I BOUGHT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CLOSE. They are about to sold out everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH GOD. here's the thing.
Im broke. my sis couldn't put money on my account becoz my internet sucks nowadays.

I managed to buy 2 kitties with SUCH EMBARASSING DECLINED EFTPOS moments (AWWWW!!!). I remember Becks' shopaholic moment when she really cant help buying buying buying things with credit cards declined.

Glaze lipstick Fashion Mew and LipGlass Fast Friends. THEY ARE FABULOUS and VERY VERY LIMITEDLY HELLO KITTY. Tmr's gonna buy another. Kitty's pink blush on, shocking pink lipstick, shocking pink lipglass, and the eye pallete. and I don't want to sacrifice my cute kitties. they are MINE MINE MINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. How stupid i am, assuming that they launched on thursday so i came just today. Since Monday they've collected a large number of girls queuing for MAC hello kitty. GRRRRRRR

anyway im quite lucky coz i've got my fashion mew's lipstick!!! i've been hunting them! And it goes REALLY WELL with the glittery violet lipgloss. KYAAAAA i've ditched my fave shocking pink for this purple lipgloss. IT's JUST SOOO RARE. Never see deep violet lipgloss look good on me.

Oh ya. i've spent $81 for these two products. Im not a big spender ok. They are just so alluring that i cant resist buying just one! NEXT: THE BLUSH.

Look at the packaging!!!!!

I dunno that these 2 lillac-violet colors could be so matched with my lips. i believe Hello kitty and I are really destined to be together. I know it. Usually cute colours are just making me look rather slutty. but these are perfect!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BIG NO NO for MAC mascaras.

Dearie cute fellows.

My precious lash fell out again. AGAIN. AGAIIIIINNNNNNN!!!
Im sure got some little bald spot in my eyelids. oh why God is not fair?????? LASHES GIVE DEFINITION IF SOMEONE'S FEMININE OR NOT! (well, for me lashes are female's soul)

I promised my mom not to wear any mascaras or eyeliner. but the case is that my fragile weakling lashes keep falling out when i rub my eyes with towels (after showering).

FYI. My eyelashes are few. THEY ARE DEFINITELY FEW. LESS than most girls have. OH NO. I have to use really perfect mascara to define my lashes BEFORE. now even the best would not do anything. Their condition could i never explain. apparently aggravating coz they grow slowly.

MAC MASCARA is to blame. Girls, DO NOT BUY MAC MASCARA I TELL YOU OK. It's the worst mascara ever. It is really wet, leaving ur lashes look heavy and well, shrinking. OF course i want an elegantly curly and thick lashes that go up not down, so i used the eyelash curler from the faceshop. Im sure the curler is not the problem, bcause i had used it before with loreal mascara and both were okay. And unfortunately yes, with mac, my eyelashes started falling out. .


I've tried to find eyelash serum for the strength and growth of eyelashes, but cant find any. Ended up buying shu uemura's lash repair. Does it really work? Again, not sure coz 2 lashes have fallen out since then.

Guys i really really need ur help. if someone could ever solve my problem i'd give manymany thankss...T.T

Anyway. I've been dreaming of having perfectly thick, defined eyelashes as what advertisements always present. My boyfriend thinks so as well. He adores girls with heavy make up (oh well im not one). I even lost all my lashes. OH WHYYYYY. It's all girls dreams to have pretty lashes.

Well i advise you guys to really pay attention to your lashes. Do not rub them too much, do not use curler too much especially if you're an everyday mascara user. Better to have it done at saloon. I heard it lasts about 1-3months. Oh ya. i recommend using Shu Uemura's ultimate expression mascara. It's perfect. Your beautiful lashes will be instantly present without using any curler. fantastic. no roots out. Why didn't i buy it before. MAC sucks!

However. I STILL DEEPLY. BLOODILY. ENVY GIRLS WITH LONG LASHES. You know, Girlfriend beauty editor Sarah implied that natural look still can't go without mascara. It's like a must have for all bimbos. haha. yes. it's only mascara you need to look glam in a click.

Bald and beautiful,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Intro to my bits and pieces.

Hi Everyone!

Im Natasya, the sexy owner of this beauty blog :) currently studying at the University of Melbourne, doing my first year degree in Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications), and i love to write journals. hohoho. I am Indonesian, within the bloodstream of Chinese, but i can hardly speak any. haha. Soon i'll do! :))

Well, i'd be only 19 this year, and i already HEART make up so much! Before i was really, really a bimbolike dummy at it, and my skill has improved alot since my infatuation increases. I'm kinda proud of it actually. I'd love to do magic to girls' faces :)
OK, i'd be straight now. My strict fundamental in make up is 'keep it matte and naked'. I love doing massive touch but i'd still abide to my rule. If i did the eyes dramatically, the lips are gonna be very, very nude. I hate glossy lips UNLESS we're talking about photography make up. I just think they produce an unreasonably cheap look. Matte is best.

Speaking about this journals. I think this is gonna suit those who never wear make up before. I'm not talking pro nor using high level standards in my methods. I'll just basically showing you guys how i did my make up. Hopefully i could capture good quality pics that could help you see what i mean. :)

For conventionals, please do not be rude to young girls who love make up. Beauty is natural we all know. As a good body needs a good clothes, why not dressing up for a beautiful face? It's not botox or having a surgery. IT'S an ART PIECE! can't u see how fun it is, playing with colours and shades, experimenting with them till u find which ones are great for you. It's a lot of fun.

FYI, Im loving the upcoming MAC hello kitty edition!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO KITTY IS JUST PUUUURRRRRFECTly little make up guru! hahahahah. In singapore they are out already and im waiting for aussie now. I think it's gonna out on the 19th March? Hope so. i promise i'd POST AS SOON AS I BOUGHT THE COLLECTION! HAHAHA.

OMGEEEHHHHH!!!!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't be expensive coz im going to buy HEAPs. hahah.

Btw i am not going to miss reporting my fashion craps as well guys. I'll keep you guys updated. :)
Nice to meet you.! muaccccchhhhh❤❤❤❤

Natasya the non-botox teacher.