Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey guys.

So I decided to go to Shu Uemura go have a brow makeover. It's kinda expensive (freakin' $60) but it is redeemable with shu uemura products (so initially your brow makeover is free). The process was...AWFULLY PAINFUL coz apparently Shu Uemura does not wax. Yeah. You can imagine yourself. They PLUCK all your unwanted hairs. Sigh. I tried sooo hard not to cry coz it was sooo painful. like extremely painful eventho I don't have a lot of hairs.

Anyway. moving on to the products I get. I always wanted to try Shu Uemura Pro Concealer coz I gave my MAC studio finish concealer to my little sister for her to go to her friends' sweet 17th parties. I still own my MAC select cover, but it's not enough to cover my severe undereye circles. Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic said it is an awesome one to get, so partially I got that one. Got one in shade 7Yr medium. It's $40, but it's well worth it. I love the thicker consistency, coz it does a good job at camouflaging my undereye circles. Now. What am I gonna spend for the rest $20? You makeup lovers might already know. soo hard rite? hahahaha. fine. I'll tell you. I didn't spend $20 but another $52 for its brown gel liner! Damn I am falling in LOVE with Shu's gel liners. The lady said it's extremely waterproof and smudgeproof.


I didn't get the black coz I have the MAC fluidline in Blacktrack at home and it was too harsh to be used on my bottom lash line. I ended up getting the brown.

I really really want to use it everyday coz i LOVE it so much, but it still looks kinda harsh when I use it on my bottom line :( :( although it's brown... Maybe I should get the purple then? lol.

Sooo it's time for picturesssss!
Do you think this is too harsh?
NEW FRINGE! YAAAY hehehhe my hair is getting long! SUPER EXCITED!

I just got a new nude lipstick by Revlon. It's in their latest collection, Color Burst, and it's called Soft Nude. SOOOOO PRETTY. I wore it in the first pic. Gonna post some more pictures once my new camera (it's purpleee) comes! heheee. Planning to get one more nude lipstick by Rimmel (called Nude Delight!) hehehe. Never get enough of nudes and neutrals :( huhuhhuuu