Sunday, May 2, 2010

New nails and Hello Kitty bejewelled case.

Hey guys!

I just come back from Odyssey Nails to remove my french acrylic nails. Huff. It was a pain. You guys know how it feels. French acrylics are pretty. They don't chip. they don't come off like press-on fake nails you buy from the supermarket. Super chic. and painful. I mean once your original nails grow, they look gross and they might break your nails if you put pressure on the outgrown acrylics. sigh.

Everytime I did my nails I always thought I'd refill them forever coz they are so pretty. But they brought too much hassle so in the end I chose to remove them and had my nails back. Well. I know i've made a right decision. I feel sorry for my nail condition now. They've become weak and fragile that you can easily bend them inwards. Yeah. Acrylics are not good for your nails. Plus they are thick and chunky too, make it even harder to type messages, apply under eye concealer, or even lipbalm that comes in the pot.

Well. I bet the owner of any nail salons are rich. You pay $45-$80 aussie for a full set of acrylics (different salons have different price), another $15-$30 for removal and $30-$50 for refill. Come to think about it. Nobody can remove salon-made acrylics by themselves. They ought to come back and pay more. And some like the idea of refilling coz they're paying less for another month of acrylics. huff. Not gonna have my nails done until July. Exam time!

Actually I don't care. I'm just broke T_____T.

But i'm quite happy seeing my nails back. It feels kinda light :) Heehehe. I couldn't wait to use my nailpolishes again! It's been so long since I saw my nails painted in colors. haha. had to do it at home coz it is extra $5 if I wanna have them painted in Odyssey Nails T.T

Moving on, i wanna tell you guys how i loveeee my swarovski blackberry 9700 case. I had it done back in Indonesia (even before I got my blackberry=p) 3 months ago, and I'm still adoring it. Yea. Call me crazy. I am an avid fan of hello kitty and i don't know why. She's not necessarily cute. Her Sanrio fellow Cinammoroll is way cuter. I just think she's adorable. A very girly icon. I chose a more simple design coz i believe if you put a lot of stuff on (with cupcakes, lollies, hearts etc) it starts losing its 'wow' effect. If you guys are wondering, the crystals don't easily fall off. I found the only part where most crystals fall off is on the line between the hard case and the silicone (my case is not all crystal-encrusted coz it is half silicone at the front).

And here's the picture of my blackberry and my nails now. The crystals don't really bling in here, which is a shamee :( They look really pretty under the lights. And the rose pink looks fuschia here:( Big, big dislikessss.
The nail polish i'm wearing: 'Do You Lilac Me?' by OPI, just one coat.

Hey I'm not satisfied! I'm gonna post another picture. hahaha. I promise you just one more!
Here it isssss with a moderate quality camera :))
I'll see you guys soon!

Cha xx

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Its been a year...

Okay. it's been a year i know. hahaha. there are a couple of reasons why i stopped updating my blog. ehm. firstly my school's been crazy. So far i've had 2 subjects which have a blog assessment, so yeah i thought i would ignore my personal blog and focused on that. Secondly my mark wasn't very good, and my parents were blaming my constant makeup shopping :(

Today, May 1, 2010 I decided to write again because something very bad has happened to me. I cried all day, listened to lots of good inspirational songs, and talked to my friends abt my feelings. Still haven't erased my pain. I've been sitting in front of my laptop since i woke up this morning, feeling broken, emotionless, and hopeless. So i thought maybe, writing would help.

I don't know what happened to me. All bad things came to me at the same time, hitting me hard on the head, destroying my confidence. All of a sudden. I really need someone to comfort me, but no one seems to understand my problems. Well. I know i have to move on. I'm trying to.

Sorry guys this is not a makeup tutorial or review, but just giving you a quick update as well as a release :) I promise i will try to catch up with things that i've left behind, so that you guys won't get all confused and stuff. haha. Don't worry. I will be back being a makeup blogger:)

This is me now, a year after my last post :) I was trying to produce a soft, glamorous look for my fashion photoshoot (for my subject net communication blog) using red and nude lip, but red lip looked awful on me so i removed it before i took this pic. So yeah you guys can tell, my natural lip color is very pigmented!

I'll let you know how I go with my photoshoot on monday:)