Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shu Uemura and MAC makeovers.

Hey guys. im back. it's been a long time huh? *sigh* i kno. i'll try my best to recall my memories. haha. a lot of things going on. My essays, holiday back home, chinese exams, and my results. Surprisingly my results are all acceptable. hahaha. not too bad, not too good. i mean they're close to my expectation. haha. I wasn't all crazy abt my holiday in Jakarta tis time. I went back for only a week and it was a mess. My parents and friends were telling me that i had no time for em. gosh. i dunno what to answer. what do you guys expect for a week stay? I only managed to meet up with some of my best friends which i had been dying to meet :(

Anyways. that's the end of all disappointment. My lil sis Nike was coming with me to melbourne. OMG. that's joy in our house. she's funny and supercute. love her. and a week after, my bf came. What a dreamy holiday!

alright. before flying back home i went to Shu Uemura store and bought the classic cleansing oil. it is the most unique makeup remover i've ever seen. it's definitely oil which feels greasy when you apply it on, but it becomes soap when you rinse with water. that's a plus isnt it? My revlon makeup remover was too oily and strong to my eyes. tis one when it gets to the eye, simply wash it with water then it's gone. hahaha. a good cleanser, overly good price. AUD 102 i believe. shit. for a cleanser. But thanks to the cleanser i was able to get a makeover. My MUA wasnt Japanese but Australians. She had a funky blond hair which is cool. She looks like a runway model to me. At that time i was so into a bronzy type of look, so that when she asked me what kind of look i want i said bronzy. well, she's an expert. she has worked with photographers before, and it's no wonder that my face becomes a masterpiece she made me. oh i still remember how fresh my face was. sooo perfect! but Shu Uemura's eyeshadows are from heaven i suppose. priceless for my pocket. haha. so i thot i'd find dupes from mac. I only bought the eyebrow pencil in hard formula no 02 after the makeover. the pencil is uniquely sharpened which makes the brow application easier and more natural. the blushes aren't that amazing but looks okay (she used 3 shades!) hahaha. She gave me the full list of stuffs she used on me from the skincare, primer, eyeshadows, blushes, lips, etc. I was so pleased with Shu uemura afterwards. i might go back and buy the products. i fell in love with em. haha.

In Jakarta i bought Shu Uemura's eyelash curler and MAC fluidline in Blacktrack (finally). they're cheaper there. i can't buy more coz my money is so limited. I wanted makeupforever's primer but well, the price is 6 digits rupiahs and i dont hold credit cards. bad luck.

Back here in melbourne, i bought Benefit She Laq which is a makeup sealer to prevent eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara from smudging. the product is ok. it works anyway. The day before yesterday i went to MAC pro stores in Chapel St and brought back MAC face and body foundation in shade C2. The product itself is a makeup artists bestseller foundation and used mostly for backstage makeup. Who needs more than that? hahaha. AUD 60 and the product is 3x more than the regular size. the finish is AMAZING, my new favourite beside Studio Sculpt. and you can use it on your legs too, esp if you got bruises and scars. that will make your skin glows and looks healthy (like your second skin).

Today, ehm. I had a makeover with MAC. the MUA is called Serena i believe, and she had worked in MAC pro store for 5 years (WOW). and i was too excited to ask her many things. ahaha. well, she did my eye makeup in a different way. When i did my makeup in Shu uemura, i was wearing the eyetape while today im not. i thot i'd want lo learn how to do the eyeshadow for eyes with no crease like me and my sisters. Well it's a bit unique. i never did my makeup this way. This is a tip from her.

All over the lid: Dark shimmery colors (eg. buckwheat), tap it with 232, blend it up with 217 till the color washed away.

Above the crease: Warm shimmery colors (eg. pollinator), with 217.

Browbone: matte, neutral colors (eg. Brule).

Eyeliner (upper lashline): with 266 (angled liner brush) fluidline blacktrack
(bottom lashline): with 266, use the same dark eyeshadow you use for the upper lid.
*for the eyeliner, she suggested me not to draw a wing out (like a cat eye) and not to draw on the waterline because both will close the eyes a little bit.

Face: she uses foundation brush (flat one like 190) first then swirl it with 187 (stippling brush). she adores face and body as well but in the city you cant get one, so she used mineralize satinfinish which has the similar finish to it. As a setting powder she used Studio Fix powder in C3.

Cheek: As I requested, she used Soft and Gentle mineralize skinfinish as a highlighter and 1 plummy-brownish shimmery pink mineralize blush (forgot the name). Again, the cheek work isnt that awesome.

And at the end of the session (supposedly 45mins but thanks to my enthusiasm it is 1hour) i purchased A LOT: soft and gentle, 266 angled brush, and three eyeshadows: mulch (dark bronze), woodwinked (pale, goldy brown), and sketch (dark plummy purple). They're all recommended by Elle in Youtube and MAC MUA said that they're very nice combined altogether=)
After makeover.
P.S:2 brushes on the left (Angled foundation brush and big powder brush) are from Myer Artiste manicare Professional. As good quality makeup brushes they're quite inexpensive. Now im no longer using my fingers to apply concealers. they are unhygienic and too messy for spots and scars concealing. im using small concealer brush from Artiste and it is more controlled.