Saturday, October 9, 2010

MAC Disney Venomous Villains reviews and swatches!

Hello lovelies<3

I was right. I spent freaking AUD282 for this collection. sigh. MAC is really mean to me. After Hello Kitty, now Disney. Though I was lucky enough that i was too young to wear makeup when it collaborated with Barbie. Right. so despite people's claims that it will sold out really quickly, that you have to come first thing in the morning to queue, in Melbourne it was nothing like that. On the 4th of October I woke up at 9.30 AM (couldn't really sleep due to excitement), went to MAC with two of my friends almost immediately, scared of the long queue and our stuffs being snatched out just like what happened with hello kitty. But to my surprise, there was no queue. I guess we were the first customers who came to see the collection. Two days after the launching date I came again to check the products that are already sold out. And it was only one of the nailpolishes. Hmm. weird. I bet this isn't the case in the U.S and Singapore.

But nevermind. At least we got the longest time to swatch and try out the products. Hee hee. So out of my wishlist, i got all except the Maleficent gloss in Revenge is Sweet and Mineralize eyeshadow in She Who Dares. You guys must be thinking i'm being unusually thrifty this time. haha. You know me. It's true i didn't get the 2 products from Maleficent as planned, but I still ended up spending more. Y? I fell in love with Cruella.

Onto the reviews..
N.B: i won't be talking about any of the single eyeshadows here because i think they're such a gimmick. Price: 38AUD, nothing special or new about the shades, except the very small stickers attached on the cap. I didn't even bother to swatch.

So I picked up three beauty powders (Cruella- Her own Devices, Evil Queen- Oh So Fair, Maleficent- Briar Rose), one blush (Evil Queen- Bite of an Apple), one lipstick (Cruella- Innocence, Beware), and one lipglass (Evil Queen- Strange potion). OK. I admit that I like Cruella the least in real life. She is old, i don't like her fashion, and she isn't starring in any of Disney Princesses. BUT I was especially in love with Cruella's lip products! It comes out with two lipsticks (one true red one pinkish nude) and two lipglasses (one pinkish red one glittery nude). I wanted to get them all seriously. But one stood out the most to me was obviously the Innocence, Beware lipstick. Such a perfect nudie pink. Similar to Revlon Soft Nude, which I already have but more pink, and some people say, Creme de nude by MAC, which I dont like because of the little coverage to my super pigmented lips. This one, right after i swatched it on the back of my hand i knew it had to be mine. it looked slightly better than revlon soft nude, because perhaps as a nude it has more color to it. I find this best paired with Evil Queen's Strange Potion lipglass which is a gorgeous wearable coral lipglass, to give it some color without overpowering it. Devilishly stylish is a tad like the beige version of She loves candy from the Hello Kitty collection, wasn't quite worth 41AUD because it's quite sheer. And the red lipstick, Heartless, was AMAZING on my skintone. I was undecided whether to get this one or Viva Glam Cindy which i love so much. But Viva Glam Cindy wasn't quite a red but a reddish coral, i would say.

I was especially happy with the beauty powders. oh my gosh. They are so smooth and pigmented, and I love them as blushes rather than all-overs. I can't pick up one winner out of the three because I love them equally. Cruella one is a peachy color- so it is uncomparable to the other two. The Evil Queen one is a candy pink color, makes you look really cute and fresh. The Maleficent one, which i was originally only sucked in by the name (my fave disney princess! Briar rose from Sleeping Beauty :D) was exceptionally beautiful too on my medium skintone. I was a little bit in doubt of the color as it looks a little bit extraordinary (purplish pink), but in the end it turn out very pretty. very princessy :) As for the evil queen blush, i'm not really excited about it because i used to wear benefit's benetint on my cheeks which gives me red flush too. But I love reddish blush. Think of Snow White's cheeks :D

Sadly, I didn't get the Maleficent purple gloss, Revenge is Sweet due to a few reasons. Well some people say it looked like Fast Friends from Hello Kitty Collection, which I already have and I obviously never use it on a daily basis. Secondly, I initially thought it would look great over a very nude lipstick. Well I don't hate the color of the lipglass itself, it's a pretty pinkish purple color, but instead of adding a slight tint to my lip, it cancels out the color of the nude lipstick i've put on earlier. Aaah. you know how hard it is to nude out my super pigmented lips. And this lipglass sweetly brushed off my effort.

As for the blue-green mineralize eyeshadow, I LOVE IT SO MUCH. but the fact that the size is even bigger than the usual seemingly neverending mineralize eyeshadows MAC had in the past and the green isn't even proportionately half of the eyeshadow, makes me really sad. I had to pay for AUD46 for more blue than green. I don't like blue eyeshadow. All I want is the forest green side. I know it would be so beautiful on asian eyes. Well I might get it someday, coz I'm so broke now : ( The only thing my friends got and I didn't was the Dr. Facilier's magically cool liquid powder in Truth and Light. The color is indeed pretty, good as a highlight, but I don't know why I just skipped this one. Maybe again, Dr. Facilier doesn't have a princess-worth face. haha.

Now the product swatches and pictures!
Top: Bite of an Apple Blush
Bottom: Briar Rose, Oh So Fair, Her Own Devices (looks darker in pic)

Mineralize eyeshadow in She Who dares
Top to bottom: Strange potion lipglass, Revenge is Sweet lipglass, Innocence Beware lipstick, Heartless lipstick, Dark Deed lipstick (too dark for me :()

Not all mine OK! I also bought some for my sister :)

It turns out me, my friends, and my sister have a very similar taste. Look at the four Innocence Beware lipsticks, four Strange Potion lipglasses, and four Oh So Fair beauty powders. Call us moonstruck :D

Cha xx

Sunday, October 3, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains tommorow!

Ahh. Im sooo excited!

This is gonna be my second biggest splurge after MAC Hello Kitty. I promise. Seriously. How can a girl not buy any of these fairytale-y stuff?

My wishlists:
1. From Evil queen: Lipgloss in Strange Potion, Blush in Bite of an Apple, and Beauty Powder in Oh So Fair

2. From Maleficent: Lipgloss in Sweet Revenge, Beauty Powder in Briar Rose, Mineralize Eyeshadow in She Who Dares.

See you tomorrow for swatches!