Saturday, May 9, 2009

MAY's fave.

OK. it's been nearly a month.

and i still cant manage my splurge with cosmetics. they're killing my conscience! I WANTED TO BELIEVE THAT MY COLLECTION IS ALREADY TOO MUCH BUT...

all my condemnation is for you tube.

yeah it sucks. i have been sucked in by people's reviews, tutorials, hyping about cosmetics. AHAHAHAH. im too concentrated with my make up study that my actual one is truly unforgivably. terribly. hell. I got straight Ps. which put a lot of emphasis of my lack of formal english expressions. I really2 hate it. I wanted to embrace my limitations but well. im way too over-confident i guess. ahaha. supposedly im doing a degree in make up artistry not MELBOURNE UNI's communication degree. now my eyes are like popped to the max realising that im now inside the second best uni in Australia, putting my damaged second language in contest with locals, and marked by professionals. no way im stressed now.

ok back to my point.
IM IN LOVE WITH MAC BRUSHES. i never believed that i'd buy such things. too lux. too exp. looks rubbish rite. but in fact i bought the 187 (dual fibre) yesterday. for $85. that's ridiculous. though ppl said that this stuff is amazing. multipurpose (blush, powder, liquid foundation) but for indonesians this is OMG. i know. i wont buy any brushes from mac anymore. ARRHHGGg.
anyway. LOVING THIS. this is worth buying. i don't know why but i think for brushes there's no need to buy expensive ones while they are not specific or unique enough. Like for blush, you may not necessarily need the heavenly pricey MAC one. can get cheaper from body shop. but 187 is well known for its EXELLENT JOB at applying liquid foundations, leaving the air-brushed look on your face. I know we all can use fingers or sponges but i asked MAC make up artist and he said that both tools will genetically (normally-_-") produce a heavier look on your face as they pick up more products. OF COURSE I DON'T WANT A CAKEY FACE. i want it to look more natural. so i buy it. AHAHAHA. I ADORE THIS BRUSH. maybe it'll soon be one of my products that i cant live without. haha. im still practicing the swirling motions man. not used to. haha. but tried it today with MAC studio fix fluid NC25 and it looked gorgeous. ahahah. i don't feel heavy.

i happened to get the 239 brush as well coz i exchanged my SUCKING deep dark MSF. FINALLY get rid of this stuff. AHAHAHAH. thanks to David Jones staffs. you're amazing guys! LUUUUFFFF. 239 is like the only must have for me because i have small eyes. Don't need specific brush. I don't even need to apply more than 2 shades on my eyes. 239 simply does everything for your eye makeup. it picks up just a right amount of color.

second favourite: MAC liquid foundations.
i blame my stupidity for asking 3 free samples from David Jones last month: MAC Mineralize Satinfinish, MAC Studio Fix Fluid, and the latest one- MAC Studio Sculpt. They are all in NC 30.

Yesterday i asked MYER to give me those as well! AHAHAHAHAHa but not mineralize satinfinish coz i know i liked it just as i like my benefit tinted moisturiser. surprisingly, MYER MAC lady gave me in NC 25! omg. i was actually not sure enough why the lady (Rosa) in David Jones gave me NC 30. I think NC 30 is a bit darker than my skin. I look tan. ahahah. not bad actually. i don't know. I think the difference between those two is quite huge. but i think NC 25 is good on me as well. I got a sample on MAC prep and prime skin base too. AHAHAHA haven't tried it yet.

im not so sure about how they differ from the texture, the finish, the consistency etc. I heard hypes about the Studio Sculpt (how it's voted as no.1 choice of runway make up artists) so AGAIN. i watched reviews. and now in love with all of them. Can't decide 1. by no means the comments are all positive. Many said that Studio Fix broke them out and cakey, Studio sculpt not suitable with oily skin, they become orangey throughout the day, and etc.

I tried the mineralize satinfinish and i LOVE it. OMG i know the coverage is low-cant cover my spots and scars. But that's exactly what I need for everyday look! it's sheer and has some glitters in it. It makes my skin glows and shines just like, a healthy skin! it doesnot look like make up. more like tinted moisturiser. love this.

Till yesterday i NEVER EVER tried MAC Studio Fix fluid because of the continuing critiques abt it. now im wearing it. AHAHAH. i don't know- i like this in spite of all the negative comments. maybe im not wearing it enough till it starts to break me out. AHAHAH. My skin looks matte because Studio Fix absorbs oil. I think this one is best to wear in parties and humid weather. long lasting. will not wear off like my inherited Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation which is supposedly designed for combination skin. WTH i used this to go to Trinity Ball last year and in my photos i look like clowns with red shiny nose. oohhh never ever purchase tis one.

STUDIO SCULPT. my FAVEEEEEESSSS. loveee thisssss....
i dont know. this looks like a mix between those two above. it provides good coverage. i mean it's real foundation. conceals my imperfections but yet not matte or powdery look like studio fix. it's really moisturising that my skin looks glowy as well. satiny finish. ooooh niceeee. love thissss. might purchase this one soon. hahah.
i really need second opinion on which colour should i purchase. NC 30 or NC 25. both looks OK. i think NC 30 is for summer coz it's a bit tan on me and NC 25 for winter. no matter what i need to get studio sculpt. see later if the studio fix breaks me out badly i will not purchase that one. hohoho. TTYL!