Thursday, February 10, 2011

Purple smokey look

Hi Guys :D
I created this pretty purple smokey look. Perfect for parties and a night out :D Just so you know, other than neutrals and corals, purple also makes a great complimentary color for asians :D

Here are the steps.
1. Apply your favourite base. Preferably black, bronze, gold, or purple.

2. Apply a dark matte brown just concentrating on the lids.

3. Apply a shimmery purple/violet on top of the brown with an eyeshadow brush (equals to MAC 239) and using a fluffy blending brush, take some more purple, in a sweeping motion go slightly up pass the brown. (So the purple you put on top of the brown would be the heaviest, whereas the area above it where the brown isn't applied on should be only a wash of purple)

4. Finally, using a pencil brush, apply a matte black eyeshadow focusing on just the edge first, then with the remaining black sweep inwards along the crease and stop about halfway through.

5. Apply silverish white on the inner corners to give extra "life" to the look.

6. Apply a thin black liquid liner and false lashes on the upper lashline :) And for those of you who want extra drama, don't hesitate to apply a black liner on the bottom lashline as well :D For me, I'll just leave it like that :)

7. And you're done!

See you soon!
Cha xx

Monday, January 31, 2011

Tutorials! Winged liner and simple brown look for monolids :)

Hey guys.
It's seriously been so long since ive made a tutorial. 2 years ago? lol. That time i was just starting with makeup. wasn't that experienced. now it's been 2 years. You guys judge. LOL

I have 3 sisters, two of them including me, have monolid eyes, which we all hate. Well for some people monolids look perfectly fine. But not for us. we have hooded eyelids. without eyetape, trying to make us look 'beautiful' is just pain in the neck. No joke. perfectly true. So far the best makeup trick I've discovered for all monolids including hooded eyelid people is to put on a super thick black liquid liner on the upper lid. SUPER THICK, like 0.5 cm. That creates the illusion of bigger eyes. Always abide by this rule, and you'll be fine. Eyeshadow exceptional.

For a more sophisticated look, try winged liner. Takes a while to find your angle and balance the left and right line. But don't worry. practice makes perfect : )
Keep in mind that not everybody can pull off cat eye. Like me. Not sexy do i look in cat eye, but evil. RAAWWR!

So what I do is that I try to find my own angle. To create a cat eye you just simply wing the line up following your bottom eye line, towards the end of your eyebrows. Then drag the line towards the inner corner. The line has to get thinner and thinner as you go inwards. This trick works best on bigger and hollow eyelids. But for monolids and asian double eyelids (small lids), lay the wing down just a little bit so the it doesn't look too dramatic and overwhelming.

See what I mean? If I follow my bottom eyeline, my wing would be higher and the result will be too harsh for me. FYI, i'm using an eyetape :)

Wanna look sexier for a night out? spice it up with this eyeshadow combination. Dark brown and orange. Put the brown all over the lid. The color has to be the heaviest at the bottom, softer and softer as you go up, then blend away the harsh edges with a fluffier brush. Then apply matte bright orange just on top of the brown, sort of mixing it with the faded brown. Blend blend blend, and voila! You've got a simple, pretty smokey look that's not at all scary!


P.S in this look i didn't draw winged liner because i was in a hurry :(

Will be back with more tutorials!
Cha xx

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my thoughts on my new traincase, makeup pallette, and brush set.

Hey guys.

Here are my thoughts about my recent purchases on makeup.

The professional pallette

This is what i've been talking about. The case is hardcase and quite heavy to be carried by one hand. IMO not many people would need this. Seriously. Although it does carry a lot of basic stuff we need as makeupartist wannabe, I don't think the colors are that flattering. Esp the eyeshadows. crappyyy. It carries 6 creamy foundations, 6 powder foundations, 4 finishing powders, 4 liquid foundations,2 eyeliner pencils, 1 lip pencil, 1 brow pencil, 1 mascara, 6 loose eyeshadows, 15 eyeshadows, 4 blushes, 15 lipsticks, and 4 lipglosses.

To tell you the truth I don't like any of them. Quality is very decent, colors not so wearable for eyeshadow, not quite right for foundations, not quite flattering for lipsticks, not enough choice for blushes, and crappy color payoff for everything. Sigh. I bought them just because i don't want to buy so many different shades of foundations and I don't want the models to wear my own :( Such a shame. I do like the organisation of the pallette and the fact that the pallette carries lots of different foundation shades in one case (coz foundations are exp!). Sorry to say this but for those who are in need of a good professional makeup pallette, this pallette by PAC isn't a good choice. PRICE: RP 2,100,000,- AVAILABLE AT Martha Tilaar Store.

19 Brush set.

I would say the quality is okay. Although I do have my own brush collection I think I wouldn't skip this one. These brushes are different from my own. Some of the brushes I do not own, such as fan brush, eyebrow comb, eyeliner brush, etc. The set carries around 5-6 eyeshadow brushes (all MAC 239 look alike). I thought at first, what a loss! I paid for DIFFERENT BRUSHES in one set! But come to think about it. If i'm a makeupartist, I would need more than 2 eyeshadow brushes to apply different colors on different people. Right? :D So definitely buy this one if you're just starting out with makeup :)


This cute red traincase I got from Plaza Senayan's Sogo, beauty section. I've never heard of the brand Masami Shouko before, but sounds good yeah? (coz it's japanese name!) hahahaha :D I've been dreaming of getting a makeup traincase in my life, but never actually asked my mom to get one for me. Because it's quite exp, I'm scared if I'm not gonna use it well. But since I'm going to be serious in makeup, i bursted the gut to ask her :) And it's 50% off too :D

See you soon!

Cha xx

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hey guys.

Today I had 2 makeup sessions. that means 4 hours. I know right. Crazy. But I quite like it so far. My teacher, Ms. Sri is very nice, though not the most patient and understanding teacher but overall she's a nice one. She likes soft and light makeup, using pastel colors such as light purple and pink. However, she's very strict with eyebrows. FYI, when I do makeup, I barely care about eyebrows. why? because my 'clients' are always conservative with the way they look. They don't care about makeup trends or products. They don't care about what other people think about how eyebrows 'should' look. They don't like to change anything. They just want to look nice, simple, and clean. most of the time.
I like thick eyebrows. But I never ever liked thick, thin, and FAKE eyebrows. I don't know why older people like to DRAW their eyebrows, or make eyebrow tattoos. Please don't ever let them be in trend! EVER. I also don't understand why people like THIN eyebrows. Thin eyebrows only make you look 1. funnier, 2. older and 3. grumpier.

OK I should stop rambling now. Sigh. too much talkin.
The point is. I don't like to be VERY PRECISE with eyebrows. Our natural eyebrows are not so tidy, yet not so full. Waxing eyebrows may be one solution to solve out-of-shape eyebrows, and eyebrow pencils/shadows are necessary to create the illusion of fuller eyebrows. But should the application be overly neat and thick? I'm afraid not. The application should be barely there. you should barely see eyeshadow on your brows and you should still see your hairs besides your eyeshadow or your pencil. That's the key to look youthfully pretty. Sigh. Ms. Sri corrects my eyebrow application so many times. Problems? Not enough eyeshadow, too scared to fill. Sometimes, i applied more because the model's eyebrows are awfully thin. She doesn't like it. Sigh. I really don't like messing around with eyebrows. As long as they are nicely shaped and filled I'm happy with that.

One more thing you might like to know. Gusnaldi always teaches students to use HAIRSPRAY to groom eyebrows before you fill them in. And you know what, once the hairspray touches the skin, you can't apply any color to it. And they still demand the thickest line. sigh. Do they know that eyebrow gel is way more popular than hairspray? MY GOD.

Products that I like: Shu Uemura's Hard formula brow pencil no 2. Perfect color, perfect thickness, very natural :)

Give you lotsa updates very soon!
Cha xx

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I wanna be a makeup artist!

Hey guys.

I just enrolled in the Professional/Advanced Makeup course at Gusnaldi Salon Jakarta. Will start tomorrow morning. 13 sessions, 26 hours. The details said they will teach us basic makeup, party makeup, dramatic, and creative makeup. Sounds pretty tough huh? They also offer a certificate upon completion of the course. Not to mention, an examination in the last session. Sigh. I am worried. Worried, you ask? Yeah. Why? I can do makeup. I regularly do makeup for people. Shouldn't be worried. But exaaaam? hahahaa. Let us just pray.

I don't want to mention this but, i think i've got to. Very important. haha. The thing is, I should now start to appreciate my parents more guys. They've spent so much for me. Not only the course fee is so EX the course also requires me to buy professional makeup and brush set sold in Martha Tilaar Store. YES! I initially bought THE WHOLE THING!!! THE ONE WITH THE BIGGEST TRAINCASE IN THE STORE!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I felt soooo guilty!!!! I wish i know when I can use this up. PLUS. You guys know my collection already. Even without this crazy purchases my little apartment on La Trobe Street still needs to spare a new room just for my makeup.

So. I wanna be a makeup artist. I think the previous paragraph explained everything really well. hahahaha. Seriously i gotta find a way to market myself in order to be a freelance makeup artist. Or this gigantic traincase and brush set will end up sumwhere in my dusty closet.

Cha <3