Thursday, February 10, 2011

Purple smokey look

Hi Guys :D
I created this pretty purple smokey look. Perfect for parties and a night out :D Just so you know, other than neutrals and corals, purple also makes a great complimentary color for asians :D

Here are the steps.
1. Apply your favourite base. Preferably black, bronze, gold, or purple.

2. Apply a dark matte brown just concentrating on the lids.

3. Apply a shimmery purple/violet on top of the brown with an eyeshadow brush (equals to MAC 239) and using a fluffy blending brush, take some more purple, in a sweeping motion go slightly up pass the brown. (So the purple you put on top of the brown would be the heaviest, whereas the area above it where the brown isn't applied on should be only a wash of purple)

4. Finally, using a pencil brush, apply a matte black eyeshadow focusing on just the edge first, then with the remaining black sweep inwards along the crease and stop about halfway through.

5. Apply silverish white on the inner corners to give extra "life" to the look.

6. Apply a thin black liquid liner and false lashes on the upper lashline :) And for those of you who want extra drama, don't hesitate to apply a black liner on the bottom lashline as well :D For me, I'll just leave it like that :)

7. And you're done!

See you soon!
Cha xx

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